The Weak

Ian Compton’s “the weak” is back. Ian has been an icon for Vermont skiers for years now. His skiing and film editing style helps display what the life of an east coast skier is like. Many of Ian’s video’s have a sense of nostalgia and relaxation to them, conveying the message that ski edits do not have to be jam packed with high intensity shots. This makes you want to sip a cup of coffee, warm up your car, get to the mountain and have a day with your friends. Ski with friends



Sugarbush is open for business. Both Stowe and Sugarbush fight to attract as many college students as possible. Though the fight is friendly, one cannot resist the $100 seasons pass for Champlain College students. This video has a few beavers doing what they do best, send it.

The Dais crew is a mixture of Champlain and UVM students, as well as other friends that are in the northern Vermont area. They’re signature style of filming and skiing make for a unique viewing experience. The ski world needs crews like the Dais, who show the grit and enjoyment of being the best locals in town. Needless to say their efforts have given them way more recognition than just being the freshest crew in Vermont. Members of the crew that ride for HG skis premiered a movie that made it to the IF3 film festival. Big things coming from a gritty east coast style. Enjoy

Champlain Rail Jam

#Beavershed went all in this year with their annual rail jam. This year was more official than ever, with big name sponsors such as Red Bull and Outdoor Tech making a bug presence at the event. The progression from my freshman year to my senior year is easy to recognize when looking at the event as a whole. Sugarbush had an ideal set up and all the Champlain Ski and Ride members put countless hours of physical labor for the best outcome possible. This year truly set the bar for Champlain College rail jams to come. As much as the event set the bar, the participants matched the intensity.

One has to consider just how impactful this event was for the school. With the digital video branch of the school growing tremendously, dozens of students documented the event and posted it online. Though the intention of the videos is to not advertise Champlain, Champlain cannot help but benefit from the publication. Not to mention, the videos are cool, making Champlain look cool, making perspective freshman with the impression that Champlain College is in fact….cool. That being said, check this cool video. Plus, if you see any of these riders……give them a dap. Peace

SIP JP Auclair

News that has spread all over the ski world. JP’s entrepreneurial approach was an essential component to the sport of freestyle skiing. This video is from an older ski movie called Propaganda, one that inspired me to ski the way I do today. Thank you JP

Inspired to tha world!

Bow! Bow! Bow! Inspired is spreading the love of creative freeskiing all over the world. Inspired Media Concepts, a company started by legendary skier Tanner Hall and producer Eric Iberg has spread their nappy dread rasta style all over the world. The company has spread to the music scene, along with other extreme sports.

Currently, they are on a tour with their two star athletes Henrik Harlaut (aka edollo) and Phil Casabon (aka B-dog), who are both highly progressive skiers getting the chance to premiere they’re solo film projects.

Phil Casabon’s movie “Keynote Skier” reflects his style to the music of U-god, a Wu-Tang clan member who’s words and style perfectly matches Phil’s underground flow.

Keynote Skier Teazer

Henrik Harlaut’s movie “Road to Zion” also reflects the exact style that Henrik wants people to see. Road to Zion shows the highlights of Henrik’s most intense year, with footage from both the Xgames and the Olympics.

Road to Zion teazer

Both star skiers were incredibly nice and excited to be on tour. The Burlington Vermont stop was filled with stoked college kids from UVM, Champlain, and Saint Mike’s. Taking place on UVM’s campus, the roar of the crowd after every trick in both movies showed that Burlington is ready for the season to arrive. I had the chance to meet Henrik and Phil, along with Mike Nick, a veteran in the ski world that was a big influence to my own skiing.

inspired homies Inspired Skis

Henrik and Phil signed my first ever pair of skis, the “trakis”, which were first shredded on by myself when I was around 3 years old. Wherever they are, Xgames, Olympics, or in a ski town like Burlington, these guys are stoked to be around people who admire they’re skiing and love the sport in general. Not too hard to find people like that in VT, we hope to see them again and wish them both the best for the rest of their season and seasons to come. Can’t wait to see what’s next from these guys! Jah!

The opener

Quickly! Last night the Inspired Media Concepts crew came to Burlington and premiered both Henrik Harlaut and Phil Casabon’s new solo film projects. But before we get into what was a most epic night, lets check out this gnarly trailer for Stept Productions new movie “Ten and Two”

Stept has produced yet again a ski movie that is bound to make us fluctuate between emotions of excitement and fear. The crew is made up of east coast skiers from the New England area, along with others out west and in Europe. The main producers Nick Martini and Cam Riley hail from eastern Mass and have been showing the world the rawness of east coast urban skiing to the world. The crew glorifies the Boston region, which ultimately is the most freeskiing attention Mass ever receives.

Two seasons ago I got the chance to talk with Stept rider Sean Jordan, who through random occurrences ended up watching the Xgames skiing big air in my apartment, which was very chill. He told of a few rails that I recognized in my hometown area and what it took to get the shot. Devotion at its finest. Get excited for the movie.